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Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools of 2018

Top 5 Business Intelligence (BI) Tools of 2018

It is very well said by Gerald Cohen “Business intelligence is not just about turning data into information, rather organizations need that data to impact how their business operates and responds to the changing marketplace”.

Business intelligence tools are an important way for a business to generate useful valuable insights, resolve urgent concerns, monitor data, and necessary components to make better and smarter decisions that drive positive results.

In this article, I would be discussing some of the top Business Intelligence tools for 2018, compare their abilities to analyze, categorize, capture data and extract the best practices for improved judgement.

1. Tableau

  • One of the top-rated BI tools and intuitive business platform, the tableau is known for its single-click rapid reporting.
  • Supports data visualization and data exploration.
  • Supports mobile BI strategy and integrates with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • With Tableau, you can create dashboards, publish and share it easily.

2. SiSense

  • End-to-end proprietary BI tool built for those users who are not much used to BI.
  • An agile BI solution, SiSense allows businesses to analyze disparate and big datasets helping to generate business trends.
  • With advance tools, it supports, manages business data along with eye grabbing visuals, reporting and interactive analytics.
  • At a very high speed can query big data.
  • Ad-hoc Reports, Ad hoc Analysis and Ad hoc Queries are key features of SiSense.
  • Can export data to CSV, PDF Images, Excel and other formats.
  • Comes with both web-based and mobile deployment and bench-marking.

3. SAP Business Intelligence

  • This BI tool with robust infrastructure is for those businesses which require a detailed view of all the company processes.
  • Get wide ranging functionality in one integrated platform with SAP BI.
  • Get full support for cloud deployment or on premise.
  • With simple data warehouse design, the application built using SAP can incorporate with any system.

4. Microsoft Power BI

  • Microsoft Power BI is a self-service business intelligence cloud service most popular for its seamless connectivity.
  • MS BI allows any user to with tools to analyze, visualize and share data through Excel.
  • Its dashboard helps track businesses, enables report-sharing and can be accessed from any device along with other collaborative features.
  • With self-service capabilities, this tool delivers insights throughout the organization.

5. Yellowfin BI

  • Comes with easy to use BI tools which can become universal throughout a company.
  • Access your dashboards anywhere: company intranet, web page, wiki, or mobile device.
  • Data-rich presentations and interactive reports making user’s insights more valuable.
  • Yellowfin BI also supports the business decision-making process.

So this is my take on five best business intelligence tools. Each has its own pros and cons; you can select the best as per your needs.

Do share your feedback on this post and stay tuned for more important stuff on BI.

Happy Exploring!!

Author: Proximous