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Salesforce Einstein – The Intelligent CRM

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing” – Albert Einstein


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By now most among us are aware of Salesforce Einstein. In this post, I have tried to glance through how this amazing technology would benefit your business.

With advance technology, it has become a must to run your business on a platform which provides you with cutting edge technology of cloud, artificial intelligence etc. Salesforce Einstein the amalgamation of the name itself is innovative and revolutionary. Powered by artificial intelligence, Salesforce Einstein is a complete end-to-end B2B marketing solution. (AI is the science of building intelligent machines, particularly intelligent computer programs. AI is the next big thing which will transform our daily lives.)

Built on world’s best CRM platform, Einstein supports sales and marketing teams to target their accounts accurately, customize their campaigns and engage with their businesses. Salesforce Einstein unleashes the benefit of Salesforce’s predictive analytics, deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning (ML), and image processing to work as a robotic account manager.

Michael Kostow, SVP and GM, Salesforce Pardot quoted “Identifying the most valuable sales accounts to secure new business remains a challenge for many B2B companies. Often times, there are many decisions makers within a targeted account, and it’s hard to personalize engagement at scale”. “Einstein ABM redefines B2B marketing, finally giving sales and marketing professionals the tools they need to secure new business and growing existing accounts, all on one platform and powered by AI.”

With Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM), users have a data scientist working for them without any requirement of model management or data preparation. Let your CRM grow bigger, smarter, more productive and with happier customers.

Salesforce Einstein enables the business to:

  • Synchronize Sales and Marketing: Einstein ABM insights support sales executives with all the latest news prospects like merger acquisition activity, financial results etc. to keep them updated with engagement strategies. They then further use Salesforce Engage to customize marketing content reaching out to prospective leads within the accounts. Executives can also utilize dashboards to check the effectiveness of the messages, click-through rates of the content and exact time when it is opened up.
  • Identify the Correct Accounts: With Einstein lead scoring, one can automatically get to know which accounts are more likely to get converted based on certain factors like past purchases, relationship history etc. Advertising studio allows marketers to advertise and market to the new “lookalike” prospects by identification of audiences with the same profile, looking at the online behaviors from existing CRM database.
  • Optimize, Measure and Modify Marketing Campaigns: Salesforce Einstein with a single dashboard can explain insights into which campaigns can perform best and why. This can help sales analytics and B2B marketing companies to understand and perform better with their marketing campaigns. Marketing companies can identify the required attributes of marketing campaigns which have the best potential to drive sales for required accounts with new Multi-Touch Campaign Insights. As for example, it can decide the sequence of downloading an eBook, clicking on an ad, and watching a webinar will it be a correct journey to convert prospects into best quality leads.
  • Improves Engagement of the Account: With a leading solution in the form of Engagement Studio, sales and marketing executives can send customize emails as per qualifying values of the buyer or real-time buyer behavior. For example when a particular lead likes a particular piece of content or has a significant influence on its purchasing decision. Also one can determine overall lead engagement, competitor involvement and customer sentiment to know how the deals are progressing with Einstein Opportunity Insights.

Being the first comprehensive AI for CRM, Salesforce Einstein allows companies to be more predictive, smarter in knowing their customers. Without any prior extensive training, Salesforce Einstein works incredibly. So without worrying about anything, one can reap the benefit of amazing technology for their businesses.

This was just an overview of some of the salient features of the intelligent CRM, Salesforce Einstein. You can dig deeper to learn more about this product.

Share your feedback and comments on how Salesforce Einstein has helped your organization.

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