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Introduction to Tableau

Introduction to Tableau Prep

Welcome to the world of fastest evolving business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool.

An inevitable aspect of business analytics is data visualization. With more and more data sources being discovered, there is an increasing need for data visualization software’s which can help business managers to visually analyze trends and decide on quickly. At present, Tableau and Qlikview are the most widespread tools for data discovery/data visualization.


Today data preparation takes maximum time and is one of the biggest challenges faced by many of us. A recent survey by Harvard Business Review claims that people spend 80% of their time shaping and cleaning data while only 20% of their time is spent in data analysis. Converting data to a useful form is time consuming, hectic and requires specialized skills.

A brand new data preparation product from Tableau, Tableau Prep is designed to empower people to confidently and quickly clean, shape and combine data. Also, the time from data to insight is reduced tremendously with smart features to simplify and automate difficult tasks, integrating Tableau analytical workflow for quicker speed to insight.

This software comes with customized visual experiences making complex but common tasks like unions, joins, aggregations and joins simpler. No scripting is needed, just drag and drop. You can see your data transforming right before your eyes with Tableau Prep. With intuitive dashboards, you can reap your desired results quicker and with much more confidence.

“Before Tableau Prep our team would spend hours and hours making sure that our data sources were clean and organized, just to make sure that our analysis was accurate and effective,” said Gessica Briggs-Sullivan, Tableau Administrator at Charles Schwab, Inc. “We’ve been able to save hours of work with Tableau Prep, completely reinventing the way we look at our data, and dramatically shortening the time between data collection and actionable insights.”

Get an Entire Picture of Your Data

3 coordinated view helping you to see a complete picture of data profiles of each column, row-level data and data preparation process. You can select whichever view as per your task requirements.

Tableau Prep is Smarter Making Your Work Faster

With fuzzy clustering, make your repetitive tasks into one click operations for example grouping by pronunciation. Work with smarter features to fix common challenges with data prep.

Quicker Results

With each of your command, you can instantly view your data change, even with millions of rows and columns of data. Get the freedom to experiment without consequence, re-order your steps, directly edit a value, you select. See the result instantly as you change your join type.

Maintain the Flow of Your Data

Bridge the gap between analytics and data preparation and get better business outcomes. With Tableau Desktop it is easy to open your output or share it via Tableau Online or Tableau Server with others. An easy method of sharing helps reducing friction and allows you to stay in the flow of your data analysis.

Get the Freedom to Associate with More Data

May it be data from a spreadsheet or in the cloud or on premises, with Tableau you can connect to all. Without writing code, you can clean up disparate data, access and clean your data. The software allows you to intelligently take advantage of your existing database investments by pushing operations down to the database as and when possible enhancing execution performance.

Collaborate and Share Securely

Tableau Online or Tableau Server allows you to create an environment wherein all in the organization can work with the governed data by sharing it securely.

Tableau Prep also controls Tableau Desktop calculation language, data connectors, certifications and permissions so that you can get up to the mark within no time and collaborate at any junction in the analytical process.

A part of Tableau’s new tailored subscription offerings includes Tableau Prep with the new Creator offering. If you are an existing customer of Tableau Desktop then at no cost you can use Tableau Prep for next two years.

For further information on Tableau Prep please visit www.tableau.com/new-features.

Click on the link and get 14 days free trial https://www.tableau.com/products/trial

Share your feedback after you use Tableau Prep. For more such posts, stay connected.


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