Feel The Power of Innovation


Sales Analytics

Actionable insights that help you understand and forecast sales trends and outcomes

Customer 360

Executives and customer account managers can get one integrated view of their customers

Marketing Analytics

Exact and precise insights on marketing performance, achievements, and milestones


  • Salesforce Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer Usage Analytics
  • Self Service BI
  • Visual Analytics

Data Management

  • Data Strategy & Governance
  • Data Warehouse Intake
  • Integration
  • Transformation
  • Data Security

Big Data & Data Science

  • Big Data Strategy
  • Data Ingest
  • Data Lakes
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Sentiment Analytics
Tableau Partner and Salesforce Partner

About Us

PROXIMOUS is the leading consulting organization providing expert level professional services in Data, Analytics, Big Data, Data Science & Staffing. Proximous’ proprietary and comprehensive business process consulting services have been widely used in many client engagements across various industries. Our consultants are able to analyze your business intelligence environment and through hands-on experience and expertise determine the best solutions specifically for your situation.


Use Cases & Case Study
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Salesforce Analytics

Vision and Mission

Proximous’ Vision is to be the market leader in providing Professional Services in Business Intelligence, Big Data Integration & Data Analytics. Working Closely with our Clients, Proximous enables them to become data-driven organizations and run their business based on the Insights delivered through our Analytics services.
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