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Salesforce Analytics

Business Challenges: Salesforce is a great SaaS Platform. But its limited when it comes to Analytics and looking at your data from 360 view. It get even worse when you want to implement some complex logic to gain insights of your Sales, Marketing, Finance, Product & Customer success processes at the same time in one place.

Proximous Offers: Proximous consultants has worked on multiple projects where they have helped client develop custom analytics using Salesforce data, providing them benefit of consistent analytics across all the business functions and flexibility to build & explore new logic.

Google Analytics

Business Challenges: Know your customer (KYC) is the mantra for the digital age. Google Analytics provides tremendous amount of information about the website visitor enabling business to make data driven decisions. However, Many businesses doesn’t know how to utilize this rich information.

Proximous Offers: Proximous has helped it clients by implementation and educating them on how to leverage GA for their work. Our team, can further use this data out of the GA platform and help you create customer analytics with marketing & sales data.

Product Analytics

Business Challenges: Businesses experience difficulty in knowing where product development expenditure is most effectively deployed. There are many sources of feedback from a market, and this is often overwhelming for product managers and marketers.

Proximous Offers: Proximous is well versed in connecting multiple streams of data from devices, business systems and social media to create a holistic view of how products are performing. We can help identify defects, parts of a product that Customers like or dislike, map out changes to maintenance schedules, and ultimately provide insight into real product lifetime costs.

Customer Usage Analytics

Business Challenges: The impact of new releases and updated versions of software applications has more far-reaching consequences than might first be supposed. Not only do we have to be concerned about our Customer’s response – will they stay engaged or leave our product? – but also we have to factor in the cost of supporting legacy applications – applications used perhaps by some of our most loyal and long-standing Customers.

Proximous Offers: We take usage data collected by the applications being reviewed and are able to produce detailed, meaningful insights into how Customers are experiencing the features and functions available in the software. A key measure is adoption, and our consultants are able to guide our Customer’s product teams through their Customers experiences – focusing on where Customers get frustrated or drop-out, or identifying barriers to new version take-up.

Self Service BI

Business Challenges: A broad range of tools, techniques and processes that delivers information from data. Solutions are delivered in a variety of ways – between cloud and on-premise, and self-service versus IT-managed for example.

Proximous Offers: Proximous excels in delivering end-to-end BI solutions – we work across all phases and elements of BI projects.

Visual Analytics

Business Challenges: The ability to present information in ways that can be easily understood and absorbed.

Proximous Offers: Typically thought of as graphs and charts, Proximous believes in applying the best UX principles in the design of BI solutions – thus data may be best presented in simple tabular form for some users, while other prefer charts. Using the appropriate tools here is key, and Proximous has deep experience in Tableau.