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The Challenge

Many companies that experience tremendous growth have data that describes their customer behavior spread across multiple disparate systems. This lack of visibility into the behavior of their customers impedes their ability to improve customer satisfaction, increase their renewal rates, and upsell existing customers. It is critical for a SaaS business to have a successful upsell strategy as dollar for dollar, upsell sales tend to be significantly more profitable than new business sales.

An example of this problem was presented to Proximous by one of the fastest growing SaaS software companies in the world. Sales executives did not have visibility into customers, and when they went to upsell them they ran into “surprises” that impeded their progress. Customer Success reps did not have a holistic view of their customers and this negatively affected their renewal rates. Executives at the company did not have the necessary 360 degree insights into their customers to truly understand customer behavior. Finally, the organization used Salesforce as their CRM and the sales reps spent all of their time in the CRM, so any solution had to be embedded in Salesforce to maintain workflow continuity.

Another problem was that Salesforce’s built in reporting capabilities provided limited visibility based on only the Salesforce data. In addition, the Salesforce data provided visibility that was constrained to a snapshot in time. The reporting that was required needed time based data that could support a sequence of events. This was desirable for the company to support their objective of deriving predictive analytics from customer data.

As the company had been growing aggressively, they had deployed a number of systems that housed a variety of data that they needed to aggregate to enable a single view into their customers. To achieve the goal, a requirement was to source and integrate data from a few disparate systems including:

  1. Salesforce – Sales, Leads & Orders Data
  2. Zendesk – Customer service Data
  3. Gainsight – Customer Predictive Scoring Data
  4. Product Logs – Product Usage Data

The Solution

Proximous assisted in the design of a solution that ingests the data from Salesforce, Zendesk, Gainsight and Product Logs directly into a Data Lake that was housed in Snowflake database. The data was then prepped (integration, quality checks, unification and aggregation). Once the data was prepped, it was ready to be consumed for visualization and analysis leveraging Tableau.

Customer 360

Sales and Customer Success Teams – Proximous worked with the BI team to create several dashboards using Tableau. These Dashboards were published to Tableau Online for consumption across the organization and also embedded into the Salesforce Environment for the Sales team. Upsell numbers increased dramatically across the sales team with no “surprises”, and renewal rates increased.

Data Scientists – Data Scientists were able to access data via the Data Bricks platform and develop predictive analytics for their customer’s behavior. This improved several product decisions that over time have saved the company many man years of engineering effort.

Data Analysts – Data analysts were enabled to access the data via direct access to the Snowflake database and also via Tableau Dashboards. Executives now had a 360 degree view of their customers and a deeper shared understanding of their business.

Security was a prime focus while building the solution. User level security in Tableau was built by extracting the security information from Salesforce and implementing customer data mapping and controls within Tableau data sources. This resulted in the seamless integration of Tableau Dashboards in the Salesforce Platform.

Proximous leveraged their extensive experience creating custom dashboards working with various stakeholders at the company. Some examples of these dashboards can be seen here:




Customer 360 Salesforce
Customer 360 Example 1
Customer 360 Example 2


Sales executives and the entire sales and customer success teams now have visibility into their customers which has increased upsells and renewal rates, and has positively impacted the profitability of the company. The use of predictive analytics has improved decision making around the product roadmap. Executives now have a 360 degree view of their customers leading to better decision making across the organization.