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Proximous provides the engineering, process and project management resources to bring Insight to our clients’ businesses. Focused on BI solutions and the data environment within our clients we bring expertise and a long track record of successful implementations across a wide range of industry and functional verticals.

Proximous Inc. is leading consulting organization providing expert level Technical professional services in Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Big Data and Staffing.

We believe in moving with time and pushing our clients to move ahead of others with Digital Technologies. Information and Intelligence are the two main platforms conjoining which we can lead today’s market in all segments.
Proximous Inc. has well learned and trained experts on-board, who stays updated with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. We understand the importance of Data and how it can interpret and transform any simple company into a giant conglomerate. Today, our services have expanded to include comprehensive emerging technology and business solutions helping customers drive above-the-line value from a variety of business processes and applications in Data Analytics world.

Our services cover the most essential part of any business; Strategy and Organization. We help plan and strategize different business models by providing them Data-driven Insights. Then through our Consulting and Technical Staffing services we help the company implement and monetize their plans.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

Our Version


Information is organized data. Facts represented by words, numbers and images. It may be structured, but increasingly it is unstructured, and the amount of it is increasingly rapidly.


Intelligence is the ability to make sense of information. To order it, classify it and sort through it to understand it.


Insight is the ability to look at organized information and understand the true nature of it, to see relationships between different parts of the information, and use this to explain what has happened, or inform actions to be taken.

The amount of information about your business is growing every day. The intelligent ability to make sense of that information is strained as the task becomes exponentially more difficult. Insight only comes when your information is under control, accessible and can be examined intelligently. Proximous exists to bring your Information and Intelligence together – only through the proximity of these can Insight exist.