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Data Management

Data Strategy & Governance

Business Challenges: A consistent approach to the classification, organization and management of data within an organization provides significant benefits not only to BI solutions, but also the operational applications running the business.

Proximous Offers: We have seen the best examples of where data strategy and governance work, and cases where improvements can be made. We bring this experience to our engagements and work with our clients to understand or help craft policies to ensure data is well managed.

Data Warehouse Intake

Business Challenges: The BI solution most likely involves a dedicated data store – separate but connected from the operational data. As the data is moved into the data store it must be checked for consistency and quality. Rules about duplication and replacement must be checked and problems resolved.

Proximous Offers: Initial data loads require a focus on accuracy and preparation; keeping the ongoing updates accurate requires planning and oversight. With our experience Proximous can head-off many of the issues normally encountered during the load process.


Business Challenges: The BI solution must be integrated with the data. This entails ensuring that the connections between the various data stores and the BI solution are carefully designed and implemented. The granularity of the updates and whether they are complete or incremental should be considered.

Proximous Offers: Proximous contributes deep technical integration skills, with a long history with a variety of techniques for the extraction of data from a host system. We take the time to understand the data so that we can extract the right set.


Business Challenges: To be useful information, the data may need to be modified – for example, to address consistency issues identified in the profiling stage. Although traditionally viewed as a technical activity, this process also needs input from the business users – to help classify or resolve interpretation issues for example.

Proximous Offers: We have developed many BI solutions that require staging and cleansing areas so that data can be successfully transformed. In addition, we have built and implemented bespoke translation, summarization and interpretative processes at the database and code level.

Data Security

Business Challenges: BI solutions, like any other enterprise application, need to be secure from intrusion and unauthorized access. In addition to normal security, BI solutions pose unique problems in that they inherit data and relationships from many source systems. It is important that user see only what they are authorized to in the BI solution.

Proximous Offers: We put the security of the BI solution and its data in the forefront of what we do. By including the data security requirements as items in our analysis at the very beginning of our solution design our clients can be assured that the security models in the source data flow through into the BI solution.