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Big Data & Data Science

Big Data Strategy

Business Challenges: The volume of data is growing at a tremendous rate. Data stores are proliferating, and the format that data takes is changing and evolving constantly. New approaches are needed to handle the size, complexity and fragmentation.

Proximous Offers: Proximous experience of handling very large data sets and the numerous integration projects we have executed is coupled with our technical knowledge of the latest big data solutions – provides our clients with best-of-breed solutions.

Data Ingest

Business Challenges: Most businesses are overwhelmed by the large number of potential inputs into their decisions. As the number of sources of data escalates, it becomes harder and harder to spot the information contained, let alone extract the insight required.

Proximous Offers: Data ingestion – whether real time or in batch mode – represents some complex technical challenges, with hundreds of sources and dozens of formats to deal with. Proximous’ long history of data analytics projects puts us in a great position to tackle these challenges and use the data to create information and insights.

Data Lakes

Business Challenges: As with the challenges of ingesting large quantities of data, the storage and interpretation of that data to provide useful decision support information is becoming more complex day by day.

Proximous Offers: Traditionally considered as part of a Hadoop solution we prefer to think of Data Lakes more generically and we have many examples of where we’ve helped our Customers determine which tools are most suitable for the tagging and organization of data in the unstructured repository.

Predictive Analytics

Business Challenges: With the growing business competition, technology is becoming key component. Predictive analytics provides ability to business to predict the future and take actions to win.

Proximous Offers: Proximous’ team helps customer unleash the power of the customer data to develop predictive analytics models based multidimensional variables impacting their business in a unique way. Our ability to understand the business and expertise in technology positions us to be the partners of choice.

Sentiment Analytics

Business Challenges: Businesses struggle with finding the authentic voice of their Customers. There are so many outlets for Customers to voice their concerns (and appreciation!) that it becomes difficult to know what is relevant. Advanced analytics can help clarify the messaging.

Proximous Offers: Proximous’ experience in helping our Clients listen to the voice of their Customers has engaged us in some leading edge application of natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics tools and techniques.